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  1. Glidis

    Sunday - Funday

    IS I
  2. Glidis

    1v10 np

  3. Glidis

    Fredag - Liths smoked , SS fight vs SV

    vi e maskin!
  4. Glidis

    Owning the clan world

    Sick! Enkelt för grabbarna grus
  5. Glidis

    Tisdag - late night sweep

    Habba Habba Zoot Zoot
  6. Glidis

    Måndag - sweep

  7. Glidis

    Söndag - Jaja cleared 3x

  8. Glidis

    Tisdag - 2h uncontested sweep

    ez pz agane
  9. Glidis

    Fredags trip 2019-06-01

    Gang bang wang hang
  10. Glidis

    Torsdag - sweep

    Gucci flip flops, fuck it, hit your bitch in my socks
  11. Glidis

    Söndag - Dödar shit clans