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115 combat

90+ range

94+ mage



Zamorak Godsword

50x avas

50x zamorak cape

50x rune gloves

50x Black d'hide body & legs

50x Rune crossbows

50x staff of water

25x Adamant full helms/headgear 4

25x Adamant kiteshield/varrock shield elite

50x Amulet of glories

50x Climbing boots/frem elite/mystic boots

25x Xerican Top & robe

15x Dragon spear

15x Helm of neitiznot

15x Black mystic sets

20x Granite shields


Mat, Pots, Teleports & Runes

300x Anglerfish/Manta ray

1500x Dragonstone bolts

2000 Blighted ice sacks

200x Saradomin brews

100x Phoenix necklaces

200x Super restore

50x Super combat

50x Stamina 

100x Ranging potion

50x Anti venom

50x Annakarl tab

50x Ghorrock tab

50x Carralangar tab

25x Revenant cave teleport



Desto mer sets desto bättre. Detta är det minsta antal sets du behöver ha.

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